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Key Benefits

  • By far the most comfortable and versatile heating system available in our market today
  • Increased control and efficiency over your entire heating system, decreasing the energy required to heat your home, thus saving you 20 to 40 percent over traditional heating systems
  • Eliminates the clutter of air vents/grills, baseboard, and/or radiators.  Allowing you to situate your home which ever way you desire


Tufano Mechanical Inc. deals with the most technologically advanced radiant heating and snow melting equipment available in the market today. From high end designs, to the most basic of installations, we are equipped to supply our customers with a system they cannot find anywhere else.

Premier Boilers
We make sure that any heating equipment used in our systems are the best pieces of equipment for our customers.  With a strong consideration with price, we have a perfect combination of boiler performances, efficiencies, and versatility.
Radiant Controls
From outdoor reset to simple mixing valves, our installers are schooled and have access to any type of hydronic control that is available for radiant heat.  In addition, our boilers are well equipped with exceptional controls that increase efficiencies, thus lowering your annual fuel costs
Radiant tubing
Every radiant installation is unique.  Therefore your installer must have access to whatever products that particular installation calls for.  Not every type of radiant tubing deserves to be installed in every job, and not every job deserves the same type of radiant tubing.  We have experienced every type of tubing available, and have carefully chosen the tubing that we use in our installations.  We feel it is important to deal with companies that make the best products available, giving you what you deserve. 

Frequently asked questions

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How is heat transferred?
Explain the types of Heat Transfer.
Why type of piping should I use?
Is baseboard "radiators" really radiant floor heating?


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