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For generations, TMI has offered solutions to our customers for indoor comfort in the HVAC market. Through the years, we have been lucky enough to associate with products that provide long-lasting, energy-efficient operation, and top-quality performance.

Key Benefits

  • "Perfect Heat, Perfect Humidity" capabilities with our furnaces which will give you the most comfortable warm air heating and air conditioning system available
  • Air purification that prevents mold and mildew growth throughout the home, which can minimize the chances of asthma, viral diseases and other sicknesses caused by impurities in your home
  • Fresh air ventilation and filtration eliminating the dry staleness which is found in many warm air homes


With our HVAC systems we are able to accomplish many things for our customers heating and cooling system that our competition cannot.

We offer Energy Star rated furnaces.  Our furnaces give our customer's a 96.6% efficiency rating.  That is on an average of 30% more efficient than the furnace that you may have in your home already. 

It is not always -20F outside, so why should your furnace run at 100% all the time?  In addition of giving you 96.6% AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency), our furnace will adjust the stage of firing depending on the heating requirement in your home.  If it's just a cool spring morning with a little chill in the air, the blower and gas valve will adjust themselves to give you just the amount of heat you will need to get the chill out of the air.  Adding to your savings on fuel throughout the year.

1) Secondary Heat Exchanger:  Extends heat transfer for higher efficiencies.  Heat exchanger is covered with a Limited Lifetime Warranty

2) Variable-Speed Blower: A direct-drive motor which is precisely designed to deliver quiet, dependable heating and improved humidity control.

3) Improved Indoor Air Quality: Our furnace line offers you a series of high efficiency air filters that can be installed in their standard air filter cabinet.

4) Two Stages of Heating  provided by a two-stage gas valve.  Low stage heating is used 90% of the time for smooth consistent comfort.  High state heating provides an extra boost for extreme winter conditions.

5) Smart Operation:  With a patent furnace control board, your family will always enjoy the best combination of comfort and economy.  Just set your thermostat and let the "smart" electronics do the rest.  This control board allows the option for an adjustable constant fan function.    



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